Welcome to the start of a beautiful journey. Here begins a new experience in auditory pleasure. Where all the elements of progressive culture express themselves in the aural treasures of music, and the tools to create it…

Purple Enterprises brings music-devotees a fast and reliable avenue for discovering and sourcing their sound needs. And at guaranteed best prices too! Purple Enterprises aims to create a site where amateurs and music-professionals alike, can enjoy the convenience of professional sound and accessories at their fingertips. A simple mouse-click can give you a “taste” of the latest sound equipment, and a second click can put it in your shopping cart. Your Sound Journey is enhanced with plenty of pictures of the products, so that you know what you’re buying. Purple Enterprises exists, in order to act as a smooth channel for sound advancement amongst its website travellers.

We have a range of musical equipment for sale for the South African market. We have DJ Equipment, Amplifiers, Audio Technology, DJ Headphones, Microphones, MIDI Interfaces, MIDI Keyboard, Mixers, Speakers, Studio Monitors, CD Players and CDJ’s. We stock all the big name Brands: BSS Audio, Behringer, Crown, Gemini, HK Audio, JBL, KRK, Lexicon, Pioneer, Shure, SoundCraft and DBX Professional Products.

Thus speed and reliability are endeavored for in all of Purple Enterprises features. Not to mention innovation; information on the latest releases, and available specials will always be accessible.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on the site please contact us, we have the following brands like Ibanez , Yamaha , Roland and M-audio available offline.

If you are not sure what best suits your specific needs don’t hesitate to call and get our expert advice.